Pryce Family

Both sides of my family are from South Africa. All my fathers family still lives there and everyone but my mothers brother still lives there. Here is a link about South Africa.

My Mother

My mother was born in Cape Town, South Africa and came to New Zealand by plane in 1999. Most of her ancestors/relatives still live in South Africa. She is Catholic and says religion has impacted her by adding value to her life and given her a sense of right and wrong. Her hobbies while growing up included - lots of reading, knitting sewing and sports. She heard about world news on newspapers and TV. I was suprised to learn that she didn't cut her hair until she was 21. She remembers how her grandma would make doughnuts on a Sataurday night and she and her siblings would eat them the next day.

Pictures of my mother when she was younger

My Father

My father was also born in Cape Town, South Africa and moved to New Zealand a few months before my mother and sister came. All his family still lives in Cape Town. As a child, he grew up in a home in the suburbs and has 3 siblings. My father is also Catholic and said religion has taught him values and how to treat other people. His hobbies were fishing with friends, playing soccer and athletics. I was suprised to learn that he travelled around the world when he was younger. He remebers his grandmother was a very good cook and how he stayed at her house after school.

My Grandmother

My Grandmother is from South Africa and still lives there today. Her ancestors came from many places around the world. She is Catholic and says religion has impacted her life by bringing her closer to God. Her hobbies when she was younger were sewing, reading and dancing. She would hear about world news on the radio and reading newspapers. I was suprised to find out that she and my Grandpa were ballroom dancing champions. A memory she had was walking with the family on the beach wearing high heels while my grandpa tried out his new movie camera. She remebered how her grandparents would spoil her and her parents made really nice food.
Some pictures of my grandmother, and a picture of my grandparents dancing By Kristen Pryce